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7 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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7 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Make

  1. Trying to use every social media network – There are so many social media networks out there: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Twitter and Pinterest, just to name a few. While you should consider several social sites, you shouldn’t use them all.
  2. Failing to identify a target audience – Not all social media users are exactly the same. It’s true that 59% of Facebook users are between the ages of 25 and 54, and that 71% of Pinterest users are female. But, those are very general statistics that you shouldn’t base your entire campaign on.
  3. Posting without a clear strategy – It’s far too easy to waste a lot of time posting entertaining things on social media that don’t help you reach your goals. Outline your social strategy and the type of content will help you reflect that.
  4. Posting too much or not enough – Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic number that will tell you exactly how often you should post to each of your social media accounts. There’s a lot of research about how often you should post to various social networks, which can give you some good starting points.
  5. Using social media as a one-way tool – The beauty of social media is that it allows for two-way conversations. If you use it as a one-way tool for pushing out messages, you are missing out on a lot of benefits.
  6. Ignoring other businesses and accounts – Don’t use social media in a bubble. Engage with other accounts by sharing their posts, commenting on their content, and even teaming up to tap into bigger audiences.
  7. Skipping analytics and measurements – It’s vital that you keep a close eye on things like followers, likes, clicks, sales, conversions, website visits and other measurements so you can adapt your social media marketing campaign and get even better results.

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