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A Comprehensive Guide to Traffic Funnelling

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A Comprehensive Guide to Traffic Funnelling

The ubiquity of the internet has brought with it many innovations, and websites are at the forefront of these innovations. Hardly will you find an organization nowadays without a website, and the number of individuals with websites is on the rise too. This proliferation of websites today means the competition among sites is quite high. No wonder many websites close down not long after coming up because of their low conversion rates. It is therefore imperative that you adopt traffic funnelling to increase user engagement and activity on your site.

What is traffic funnelling?

Traffic funnelling is the process of directing meaningful traffic or leads to your site, attention on meaningful. If the contents on your site are directed to a younger demographic, it would be meaningless for you to have an influx of older people visiting the site, as they won’t convert well on your site.

Although the process looks simple, it has been a source of a headache for many websites owners that don’t seem to understand how to go about it. Directing meaningful online leads to your e-commerce site is very essential for the success of your business, as the more visitors you have on your site; the more people are exposed to your products and services.

Benefits of traffic funnelling

There are many things you stand to gain from directing traffic to your site. Let’s look at some of these benefits.

Your site will rank well on Google

This is perhaps the most obvious benefits of funnelling traffic to your site, as it leads to the most obvious results. Of course, some other factors influence the ranking of your site on Google, but driving meaningful traffic will result in a high conversion rate, which in turn leads to a high Google ranking.

Improve business success

It is only reasonable to think that a high traffic of meaningful leads on your website will lead to an increase in your profit margin. Yes, there are other things that lead to business success, but if you can increase the quality of traffic to your site, you will see a marked increase in your profit margin.

You don’t have to buy traffic

Yes, traffic buying is actually a thing in this age where the success of a business is greatly affected by the success of its website. If you properly funnel traffic to your site, you will not have to spend unnecessarily on buying traffic to your site. Then, you can invest the money in other areas of your business.

5 Ways to funnel traffic to your site

There are many ways that you can increase or funnel traffic meaningful traffic to your site, but let’s look at five of the most significant ways you can do this.

1.  Great landing page

I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Honestly, this phrase is far from reality when it comes to websites. Your landing page is the page that visitors first get to when they follow a link to your site. In this case, first impressions really matter, so it is imperative that you have a top-notch landing page to keep the attention of the visitors to your site.

Some excellent ideas to do this are incorporating images to your landing page, including a catchy headline, offer the visitors testimonials, and give them the means to contact you.

2.  Mobile compatibility

Here’s an interesting statistic for you. About 52.2 percent of website traffic around the globe in 2018 was generated through mobile phones. What does this say to the smart business owner? This means that if your website is not compatible with mobile devices, then you are missing a lot of potential visitors. The simple solution to this is to design your site to work well on various mobile platforms.

3.  Email marketing

Email marketing is another excellent way of generating leads for your site. Emails used to be the top platform for marketing until the recent social media boom. Many people consider email and obsolete way of marketing but they could never be more wrong. About 59 percent of B2B marketers say that email is the most effective revenue-generating channel. This suggests that email marketing is still quite relevant and it reiterates the importance of you using this method to funnel traffic to your site.

4.  Guest blogging

Guest blogging is another old method of directing traffic to your website, and it is still relevant today. Writing as a guest on sites or blogs that are relevant to your audience help you gain meaningful backlinks to your own site. You can also create a great relationship with other bloggers by posting as a guest on their site and returning the favor by allowing them to post on yours.

5.  Share your contents properly

The key point here is “social media marketing.” Whether we like it or not, social media has become a huge part of our lives today, so it is crucial that you embrace it and take advantage of the numerous opportunities it provides. According to Statista, global social advertising is expected to increase from about $32 billion in 2017 to about $48 billion in 2021.

It is imperative that you become a part of this intended growth in social media marketing in the coming years. Ensure your contents are optimized for sharing on various social media platforms to maximize the audience of these platforms.


Traffic funnelling is very essential for the growth of your website and consequently your business. Yes, it is essential to offer great contents on your site – in fact, many people do not emphasize this enough – but this is simply not enough, as, without the adequate traffic, your target audience won’t have access to your great contents.

Traffic funnelling helps you rank well on Google, thereby leading to an increase in your profit margin without the stress of paying for traffic. There are many other ways to funnel traffic to your site, but the five ways suggested here are excellent starting points for you.

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