The Sanker Media team consists of experienced graphic design and marketing professionals who live and breathe creative branding. Our marketing specialists research and develop a unique brand personality for your business- then we pass the baton to our graphic designers who create the visual assets needed to express your brands unique character!

So rest assured….

You’re in good hands with our team!

Primary Logo

Your logo says it all – your unique customer-facing calling card in the marketplace

Logo Variations

One or two logo variations to mix things up across your marketing materials

Brand Colour Palette

Evoke the right customer emotion with your brand corporate colours

Brand Backgrounds

Gives depth to your brand with relevant background, textures and patterns

Brand Elements / Symbols

Add a little flare to your brand with relevant iconography

Images / Photography

Professional Branded Real Estate / Realtor Photography

Brand Business Card

As good as a handshake – business cards are still relevant

Branded Signage

Continue your brand look & feel right onto the lawn

Brand Fonts

Use a set of brand Fonts across all your marketing materials for a cohesive look

Brand Social Media Icons

Complimentary icons for all your marketing materials

Branded Facebook Cover

Showcase your brand on the world’s largest Social Platform

Branded Social Media Templates

Brand cohesion across all your Social Media Platforms

Our small business collection is streamlined for the utmost quality and efficiency- which is exactly why we can provide so much value with our cost effective process. Combining our time tested process with your feedback- we eliminate wasting time and money.
Expand your brand with Sanker Media.

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