Deer Creek Golf Club

Deer Creek Golf & Banquet Facility

All aspects of the experience, captured.

Deer Creek Golf and Banquet Facility is a premiere venue in Durham Region where many people have created incredible memories. Deer Creek host numerous experiences including golf tournaments, weddings, corporate events, private events, social functions, and more. This project spans golf photography, event photography, interior photography, promo videos, event videos, and social media video marketing campaigns. The project is on-going and more projects will be added to this project page upon completion.
Salem Ridge Golf & Academy Promo

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Corporate Tournaments

Tournament Golf is Deer Creek’s specialty. Deer Creek offers one of the best tournament experiences in the Durham Region. This video aims to capture the experience and show how successful Deer Creek Corporate golf tournaments are. With more than one course, Deer Creek can offer multiple tournaments on any given day and avoid long delays typically experienced with tournament golf. A picturesque venue with multiple banquet halls makes this golf club a top choice for hosting any golf tournament.
05 Golf Facility - Sanker Media_preview
12 Golf Shirt - Sanker Media_preview
38 Golf North Course Deer Creek Fall - Sanker Media_preview
06 Golf Pro Shop - Sanker Media_preview
24 Golf North Course - Sanker Media_preview
10 Golf Bag - Sanker Media_preview
14 North Balcony - Sanker Media_preview
09 Golf Pro Shop - Sanker Media_preview
37 Golf North Course Deer Creek Fall - Sanker Media_preview
11 Golf Ball - Sanker Media_preview
19 The Gem Room Resturant - Sanker Media_preview
30 Golf South Course - Sanker Media_preview
35 Golf North Course Deer Creek Fall - Sanker Media_preview
36 Golf North Course Deer Creek Fall - Sanker Media_preview
40 Golf North Course Deer Creek Fall - Sanker Media_preview
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01 Golf Facility - Sanker Media_preview
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Wedding Promo

Deer Creek has established a strong reputation across the Durham Region as well as the GTA for being a stunning wedding venue. We wanted to capture the beauty of each of the halls, the beautiful gardens as well as accentuate the amazing service. We knew it was important to capture different wedding celebrations in all 4 seasons to show diversity. My wife and I got married at Deer Creek and they exceeded our expectations. From the venue to the service it was everything we ever wanted. The service was fantastic! Our guests still continue to compliment us on our special day.

Clubhouse Exterior Update

It’s not everyday a clubhouse gets a facelift. The club has history and a timelapse was perfect for capturing the process.

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