Marketing Strategy

Whether you are just starting a business or want a second opinion, we highly suggest having a marketing strategy to execute your business goals.

Marketing Plan

A solid marketing strategy starts with extensive market research: understanding your customers, your value proposition, and your competition. The strategy we create is dynamic. As your business evolves, so does your marketing strategy. New business goals and objectives require a change in your marketing strategy.

Our Marketing Plans Focus On…

Client Avatars
Pricing Guides
Budgets & Projections
Competition Analysis
Strategic Partnerships
Lead Nurturing
Targeted Campaigns
Measuring Metrics

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We Develop Long Term Relationships

Sanker Media takes the time to understand your target audience and assess how they interact with your content which affects their decision-making process. This is the first step to improving your marketing ROI. We will help you create a content marketing strategy that caters to your audience, optimizes your conversion funnels while maximizing your resources.
CRM Integration
Email Campaigns
Lead Nurture Programs
Analytics, Insights & Reporting
Project Management
Community Engagement

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Find out how well you are ranking on Google.

Website Audit

Website speed, optimization, effectiveness, user experience.

Social Media Audit

Optimization, messaging, current campaigns, strategy, content quality, branding.

Know where you currently stand, so
you can understand how to move forward.

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