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Perform a SWOT Analysis and Grow Your Business

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SWOT Analysis

The SWOT Analysis is an invaluable exercises and tool I perform with clients I work with.

What Are Your Strengths?

  • What advantages do we have to make the marketing goal a reality?
  • What tools do we have available to help us reach the marketing goal?
  • What unique differentiators will help us?
  • What resources (people + time) will help us?
  • How may we leverage our existing audience to reach the goal?

What Are Your Weaknesses?

  • What improvements could we make?
  • What’s not going so well right now?
  • What factors may suck time away from the work we’d do to make the goal a reality?
  • What tech limitations may prevent us from achieving the goal?

What Are Your Opportunities?

  • What content isn’t our competition publishing?
  • What kind of stories isn’t our competition sharing?
  • What new trends could we capitalize upon?
  • What could we do to get 10x results with 10% of the work?

What Are Your Threats?

  • What market conditions (or audience sentiment) may prevent us from achieving the marketing goal?
  • What are we doing that our competition is also doing?
  • What is our competition currently doing better than us?


I find all too often business owners I meet do not go through this practice. It really should be done prior to starting your business, however I guess many people overlook it. It’s an exercise as well as a tool that I perform wit clients and I feel  it gives me a better picture of their business and how I can help them with their marketing. I find the business owner is far too bias and performing this exercise, so having an outsider perform the SWOT analysis is invaluable.

So now you have a clear understanding what the factors that will make or break your success:

  • Capitalize on your strengths + opportunities
  • Mitigate your weaknesses + threats

If you would like some help growing your business I would love to help! Schedule an initial consultation today! 


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