Marketing Strategy
Real Estate Marketing

We don’t just market your listings. We market your business, so you have maximum exposure to generate leads and close more deals

Video Tours

Showcase your listings in the most engaging way while marketing your brand.

Lifestyle Videos

We know location is a key factor for any home buyer, but so is the lifestyle. A lifestyle video offers a way to not only show what a home looks like, its amenities or location – but also the life you can live. A good real estate lifestyle will create an emotional connection with the buyer, helping them mentally move in to a property. Lifestyle videos not only market the listing but market you as a realtor as it makes a bold statement on social media.

Real Estate Photography

Sexy photos that sell.

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Client Video Testimonals

Social Proof is one of the best marketing tools. Let your clients endorse you and provide an authentic video testimonial.

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Create anticipation for your listing to hit the market and capitalize on even more exposure. Create another piece of high quality content that builds brand awareness and provides more value to your client.


High quality punchy videos that will set you apart from others show you’re worth it.

Promo Video

Increase brand awareness and grow your audience. People wont buy from you until they know like and trust you. Brand awareness campaigns on social media are highly successful and can do wonders for new agents.

Market Update

Stay top of mind by informing your audience about what is happening in their local real estate market. Not only does this establish you as the real estate expert in your local area, it provides you the opportunity to build brand awareness and get in front of your audience in a professional way.

Feature Guest Videos

The only way to build a loyal audience is by delivering value. By knowing your audience’s pain points, wants, needs and aspirations, you are able to provide valuable content. Stand out from those who have not figured this out and start featuring local experts who bring value to your audience.

Customer Appreciation

Show how much your customers mean to you by hosting an annual customer appreciation event and capture all the fun. Promote your event year after year and showcase through multiple marketing materials to show future clients how you treat those who put their trust in you.

Website Design & Development

Sanker Media can help design a website to look and function the way you want. Whether you’re looking for a simple WordPress website or a custom design for your real estate company or property, Sanker Media offers websites to help you grow your presence online and reach new buyers and sellers. Our real estate websites include, mobile optimization, fully responsive, IDX search features, listing display features, property details, lead generation, and SEO friendly features.

Community Engagement

Our brand building engages your community

We create branded photo and video content
to help you generate and nurture leads.

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Team Culture and Recruitment

Showcasing team culture is critical. Brands are more than beautiful images, typography and colours. Brands are created based on core values. We help build your brand by capturing your core values and then present that on social media. This helps you attract those who resonate with your values; whether that be your clients or new team colleagues.
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Agent Headshots

Amazing first impressions supported by body language research.

Sanker Meaghan Hounslow-072-Edit (1)
Paul Mackie Headshot Session Sanker Media-038
Brent Foley Team-_WPR122929-Edit
Brent Foley Team-_WPR126868
Brent Foley Team-_WPR1311110-2-Edit-2
Brent Foley Team-_WPR1359158
Brent Foley Team-_WPR129696-Edit
Brent Foley Team-_WPR1397196
Brent Foley Team-_WPR1407205-Edit
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We Can Also Help You With…

Testimonial Videos
Promo Videos
Lead Conversion Pages
Social Media Campaigns
Sales Funnels
Business Spotlight Videos
Event Photo & Video
Feature Sheets
Neighbourhood Profile Videos
Open House Videos

Our brand strategy will establish you as an
authority figure in the community you are targeting.

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Social Media Ad Campaigns

We approach our campaigns from a user-centric point of view. We begin with a customer experience analysis, which defines how your target audience navigates solving their problems through their entire customer journey. It includes how your customers move through their purchase process. We describe how the customer moves through the purchase process and this becomes the the backbone of various campaigns. Campaigns are platform specific and objectives may some include brand awareness, creating authority, education, re-targeting, promotional, etc.

Team & Agent Branding

Brands sell more than a sales rep.

Lead generation is critical to sustaining and growing
a business. Quality content is the best way to do it.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Our social media marketing content creation
and management generates high quality leads.

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