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Showroom Tour

Catherine-Lucie Horber, founder & Principle of Royal Interior Design ltd reached out to use for help presenting her business effectively. She was currently having her website revamped and needed content. Her business had recently expanded and she was about to reveal her new design showroom in the GTA. Of course, this beautiful showroom needed a video tour and photos to help make a great first impression.

Testimonial Video Reel

Royal Interiors Royal Interior Design Ltd. is a top design firm in the GTA. The marketing strategy involved utilized our effective testimonial reels to harness the power of social proof. We were able to acquire candid testimonials at her design room grand opening that we were also taking doing event photography for. The testimonials are great as one of the main features on her home page as well as social media campaigns. Nothing gives a business the stamp of approval like video testimonials from your amazing clients.

We created a series of 29 videos of design tips and how to videos that can be used on our social media platforms and on her website and youtube channel to help with SEO and ranking as well as provide value for her prospects and clients.

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