Posts Per Platform

The amount of video/photo posts per social-media platform. For example, in the advanced package this would mean 4-5 Facebook posts, 4-5 Instagram posts and 4-5 LinkedIn posts per week.

Post Flexibility

The power to request a certain type of post or a specific post and receive it within 24 hours.

Project Kick-Off Meeting

All clients are granted a project kick-off meeting. This involves a meeting with your team and our brand managers to discuss social-media strategy. This meeting ensures that both parties are on the same page in terms of key messaging, expectations, promotions and other key metrics.

Competition Analysis

Your brand manager will research your competition and evaluate their social-media strengths and weaknesses. This analysis will not lead to copying or rehashing- rather our intent is to evaluate what your competition is doing so that we can create a better social-media engine for your business.

Hashtag Strategy

We will create search engine optimized hashtags which will allow more social-media users to find you. We will create brand authority hashtags which will be specific to you, while also using location and industry hashtags to build your audience.

Social-Media Campaigns

We will focus all social-media efforts to promote a certain business objective for a given time. For example, we may launch a campaign for a new product, and as such we will implement a strategy in which daily posts are all contoured to promote such new product before its launch.

Monthly Consultation

Once a month our brand managers will discuss with you the strength and opportunities present within your business’s social-media efforts. We will also address pressing questions and concerns.

Audience Building

We will strategize contests and campaigns specifically designed to build the number of unique accounts following your social-media channels.

SEO Optimized Content

We will ensure your social-media posts use keywords which allow your business to better rank on Google and Bing search.

Ad Management

Managing the creation, implementation and tracking of Facebook and Instagram advertisements. This involves creating ad campaign objectives, placing them in an ad set, developing creative ad content and monitoring the success of your advertisement.

Content Calendar

Prior to the beginning of every month, we will send you a social-media content schedule. This schedule will clearly demonstrate which calendar days we will be posting, what the theme of the post will be. Further, the photo/video will be linked alongside the planned caption. This schedule is a working document which can be edited by both parties- this will give a transparent look at everything we will be posting for you in the days ahead.

Branded Posts

Post that utilize your business logos, colours, patterns, textures and other brand assets. These types of posts ensure brand consistency and awareness.


We will create social-media contests for you to fulfill a certain objective. For example, we may create a contest in which individuals share a certain piece of content on there personal social-media in exchange for a chance to win something of value.


We will use the events feature on Facebook page for the promotion and monitoring of your business event. Facebook event feature allow you to use paid promotion to advertise your event, while also providing potential attendees information of your event. Finally, Facebook events give you an estimate of the amount of attendees for your event such that you may make adjustments to fit the predicted attendees.


Instagram is a visual social-media platform in which creating beautiful and consistent content is most important. Your social-media package will include Instagram marketing focused on creating a consistently beautiful looking feed, hashtag optimization and creating content which is share-friendly.


Facebook is a social-media platform which is most tied to an individual’s personal identity. Facebook is the best platform for creating long-lasting connections with your clients and building a business community. Facebook has many features such as events, ads, pages, stories, marketplace, reviews, shop and many more.

Instagram & Facebook Stories

Instagram and Facebook stories are a unique platform which exists with each respective app. This content only stays for 24 hours (unless highlighted) and is designed to fill the users entire phone screen. This sort of content is highly engaged and is very subtly different from traditional Facebook and Instagram content.


LinkedIn is a professional platform which is great for hiring, and demonstrating your business in a professional manner. LinkedIn is also great for business to business social operations and professional networking.


Twitter is a great platform for enterprises who have to communicate vital information to their client base. For example, Twitter is often used by large organizations for public service announcements or public relations management.

Content Creation Discounts

As a social-media client you are entitled to very lucrative discounts on social-media photography, video and graphic design services.

Discounts & Special Offers

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