Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Sanker Media for your real estate marketing needs. In order to provide the best possible experience to all of our wonderful clients, please take a moment to read our terms and conditions.

BS Clause

We are there to shoot photos and videos only. We are NOT stagers, cleaners, handyman, movers, animal control or landscapers.

Please ensure your listing is photo and video ready. Please see our details below

– No vehicles in driveway
– all light fixtures in home plugged in and light bulbs working
– front entrance cleared
– patio/deck furniture presentable
– Property free of garbage
– have a plan for animal containment
– Correct lockbox # provided
– Do not schedule handyman, contractors, cleaners, movers, at the same time as your photos and video
– Your listing will be shot as is.

Rescheduling/Not Ready/Cancellations

If you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact us within 24 hours of your scheduled shoot. This allows us to provide the best possible service to all of our clients. Please note that we will charge a $75 re-visit fee. Listings that are not photo ready at the scheduled time will be subject to hourly late fees $75/hr or our discretion. Listings that are not ready may need to be rescheduled due to other clients scheduled for service that day.

Branding and contact info

If this is your first listing with our marketing team, please provide all high resolution logo files including your transparent .PNG file. Please include all contact information you wish to appear on your real estate Coming Soon, Just Listed, Sold Graphics, photos and Video. If you do not have effective branding we can touch it up or rebrand you. Any additional graphic design work will be subject to our packages or $75/hr. For our complete real estate branding package please inquire.

Booking Dates

Please inform us of the best possible date/time to shoot your listing. We will confirm the availability of our team with you and confirm a date/time. Please ensure the listing is 100 percent ready to be shot. This includes but is not limited to. Removing vehicles from the driveway, staging completed, cleaners finished, all lightbulbs working properly, all garbage removed from the shooting areas. This includes interior and exteriors. Listings will be scheduled in our real estate production schedule once payment is received.

Aerial Footage

The acquisition of Aerial Footage is weather permitting. The drone operator will not fly in snowfall, rain or heavy winds. The drone operator must follow the laws set out by Transport Canada which may affect your listings ability to use aerial footage for marketing purposes. We will notify you ahead of time if your listing is located within a no fly zone. We require minimum 5 days in advance to ensure we can file a permit and SFOC with transport Canada.


Music / Soundtrack choice is left to Sanker Media to select most fitting for the home. All music is royalty free. Should you want a specific song for your lifestyle or luxury listing, please send us the soundtrack prior to shooting and ensure it is indeed royalty free. You will not be able to post on social media if you provide us with soundtracks that are not royalty free and will require a re-edit with additional fees.

On-Camera Preparation

When shooting On-Camera segments, please come prepared with your lines completely memorized, and your energy and enthusiasm levels through the roof. As much as we love working with our clients to help them nail their lines, it is important that we remain on schedule to best serve all of our clients in a given day. A Limit of 10 takes will be given.

Local Amenities distances

The acquisition of amenities footage will take place directly before or directly following the residence shoot. The maximum distance allowed is approximately two (2) Kilometres from the listing address. Please contact us on a case by case basis if other arrangements are required.

Logo Animation and Motion Graphics

Please allow for 3 business days for all custom logo animations and motion graphics
Please supply all high resolution files. We will notify you if the files are incorrect or not suitable. Please include any and all working files.


Sometimes the weather does not allow us to shoot exterior photos and video due to rain or snow. We will notify you prior to shoots if the weather forecast does look favourable. We can reschedule the listing shoot to a later date, or we can get the interior photo and video and come back when the weather permits to obtain outside photos and video for an additional fee of $75.00

Garbage and Recycling pickup day (don’t shoot on this day)

Please find out the garbage and recycling pick up day for the area of your listing. Garbage and recycling bins at the end of the driveways greatly hinders the quality of the marketing materials produced. Please book a day with no pick up!

Videos shot on Friday delivered Monday of following week.

Photography and Video shot on a Friday will be subject to a delivery date of end of day Monday or Tuesday morning of the following week. Our turnaround policy is 24 – 48 hours and our weekends are reserved for larger projects and family time.

On Camera Coaching Session

We highly suggest you take our on-camera coaching session. This ensures you are confident, effective at speaking, body language, and you nail your presentation. We don’t recommend using your listings as the practice. It takes far too long to become polished and you risk embarrassing yourself publicly. We would rather spend time giving you tips and working with you where we can review and practice with our camera operator than see you post a video that could have been much better.

Video and Photo Due Dates

We will deliver and publish your photographs in 24 hrs from the end time of shoot (the next business day) and video tours will be available to you in 24 to 48 hours after the time of shooting (2 business days). Any photos shot on Friday will be delivered the following Monday and videos will be delivered on the following Tuesday.

We love our clients and will “bend over backwards” to deliver quality by our promised due dates and times, often working late evenings, weekends and holidays. That said, our team does value our family time.

Holidays: Holiday Mondays – You will receive your listing photos and video by end of day Tuesday.

Media Ownership

Sanker Media owns all rights, title and interest in and to the media(s) produced, including all copyrights therein as well as in and to all the out-takes and video clips, raw footage. Sanker Media reserves rights to all media for brand promotion. Sanker Media grants a licensed Sanker Media branded copy of all media assets captured. All images produced for the agents may be used by them for any and all marketing material associated with the property or the agent’s self promotion, and by the agent’s parent company for any and all marketing campaigns for the duration of the listing. However, the copyright of the images/video legally resides with Sanker Media. Any usage of the images by a third party is strictly prohibited unless approved by the Sanker Media and may be subject to an additional fee. All graphic assets, video assets are licensed to the client only and non-transferable to any 3rd party. Should you wish to transfer materials to other parties please contact us in writing as the copyright stays with Sanker Media.


Video productions will be granted 1 revision for changes caused by Sanker Media. Any revisions as a result of the client not communicating with us before editing or is subject to home appearance will be charged $75.00/hr.Please communicate with us if there is a room or area of the home / property to NOT include in the photos or video. We are not in the position to decide what part of the home is presented. Please indicate this in the special notes section of your order form. Please ensure the home is photo/video ready prior to our shoot.

Additional Photos are subject to a charge of $10 / photo.


Projects that have started will not be refunded. Please provide 24hr notice prior to scheduled shoot should you need to cancel services with Sanker Media.

Lock Box Combination

Please provide us with the lock box combination for entry into homes that you will not be present in your order form so we have access.

Additional Graphic Design Edit

In the case that your files need to be edited or corrected for our video or photography, we will charge at a preferred rate of $75.00/hr to ensure the files are optimal for your marketing.

Please read our terms and services

We look forward to becoming your marketing partner.

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